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Welcome to the FREAK NYANA Home page. We believe the simplicity of life is in just BEing YOUrself. Browse all we have to offer in "Collections" or visit the "Discover Us Nyana" page to learn a little more about us and maybe discover your inner 


BE YOUrself

Classic Freak Nyana Tee

Classic print and embroidered logo designs. 

  • A little hello gift

    Celebrate our brand launch and explore Freak Nyana with 2 t-shirts for only £50! Upgrade your wardrobe and save

    Upgrade me 
  • Classic Freak Nyana Tee

    Our logo on a crisp white or black tee is a timeless classic. Fit for any occasion whether you want to be understated or just want to be a statement. This will never fail.

    Go Classic 
  • Winter ready

    Who says being fashionable can't be for all seasons! Fight the winter chills with the all season Freak Nyana sweater embroidered sweater. With a cosy fit, timeless design and cut you can walk into any room in any season and BE YOU. The FREAK NYANA embroidery extends across the front of this cotton sweater as a statement always.

    Winter ready sweater! 
  • Retro Statement

    Elevate your smart casual look with retro geometric mosaic tees

    Go retro! 
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