Freak Nyana Our Story

FREAK NYANA was birthed in the city of Johannesburg, filled with a wondrous mix of cultures and characters. More than just a brand, Freak Nyana is a calling to be unexpected. To fuel the idea that we are all similar but infinitely different. To encourage people that their best quality is their true selves and it's ok to own it. 
The brand has always aspired to capture a feeling within you, to excite your inner fearlessness and exceptional uniqueness! It could easily be confused with being a sexual innuendo, but we are more than that.  
FREAK means a very unusual and unexpected event or situation.
NYANA - a word taken from the Sotho language - means little or small
To embrace your inner Freak Nyana is to embrace that side of you that is out of the norm. That side that is a little unexpected. That part of you that colours out of the lines, finds a silver lining in the dark cloud and takes chances that others say are impossible. 
The Brand is your way of telling the world 'HELLO, IT'S ME!'. 
I'm going to be a little unique.
I'm going to be a little unexpected and 
I'm going to be a little event while I'm here!..